Irish catalogue

Here are the pages from an Irish catalogue circa 1980 showing the range of what was available from the Irish factory. Most of these items were made in Ireland  but some were assembled from French made components. The catalogue consisted of a three sided fold-out colour pages.  Whether all the models shown were made is debatable.

Note the 4mm scale Class 40 and the Mk3 coaches were featured amongst the strange collection of HO locos and coaches. All the coaches were based on the UIC Type Y and had Y24 bogies even the pseudo British Intercity types.

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Front cover Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Rear cover
The front cover shows the ubiquitous No:708 Page 2 - note the 4mm scale EE Type 4 (Class 40) models Page 3 included a variety of coaches Page 4 included 4mm BR Mk3 coaches as well as 3.5mm BR 'Intercity' coaches  Page 5 included the freight vehicles - only one of which was made in Ireland The rear featured the train sets and two accessories

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